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Kanye walks outside in the middle of a hurricane. He glances up at the sky and whispers “Fuck no.”
The sky immediately clears and flowers spring from wherever Kanye’s feet touch the ground.

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Kim and Kanye sit by the fire. Suddenly, ‘Ye surprises Kim by pulling a small black box out of his pocket.

"Oh Kanye! I’ve been waiting so long for this!" Kim exclaims.

"Me too" Kanye says as he takes out the ring and puts it on his finger. "It catches the light perfectly!" he says.

The rest of the night Kim silently sobs as Kanye gazes in wonder at the ring while using her as a foot stool.

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"We eat Pieces of Shit, like you, for breakfast!"

Kanye is perplexed by the commercial playing on the E! Network. Slowly, he puts down his spoon filled with his favorite cereal. “Huh? Y’all eat Pieces of Shit?” He was utterly convinced that no one else enjoyed the chocolate cereal as much as he did. Now he’d have to find a new breakfast cereal to eat in the morning.

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Several faint, robotic and distorted chuckles could be heard in the distance. “J.A.Y. is activating again. Get back inside the tent, Kim.” Kanye pulled his pistol out it’s holster and marched out of the campsite. As he unlocked the barricade for the last time, Pusha grabbed his shoulder.

"I wanna come with you." Kanye looked Pusha real serious-like and shook his head. "Nah man. This is my battle. I started this." He put on his glasses and walked of the wooden door that’s been through so much these past few weeks. "Lock it as soon as possible, okay? Don’t follow me." Pusha’s eyes began to tear up.


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it’s time for submissions again

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Kanye woke up with a start in the middle of the night, breathing heavily and shaking profusely.  With a trembling hand, he pulled himself out of the bedsheets and towards the mirror, fumbled with the lamp switch and turned on the light. He wiped the sweat off his face, took three deep breaths, and opened his eyes to look in the glass.

"Ahh," he sighed in relief and put a hand on his heart, smiling.

It was only a dream. He was still Kanye.

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"Kanye, when’s your birthday?" Kim asks suddenly, panicking Kanye. He struggles to come up with something before blurting out, "June 8th." Truth is that Kanye doesn’t even remember. He just knows that June 8th is the day he came into being but he wasn’t born, he remembers that much.

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Yezzy taught me why you shouldn’t vote for Romney

Yezzy taught me why you shouldn’t vote for Romney

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kanye, feeling rather glum as he sulks around in his mansion, takes a moment to pause. he looks at his yeezys, inhaling deeply as he admires the pure beauty of the shoe. he then tilts his chin upwards and his breath hitches - he is shocked at the sight before him. “that is the most stunning thing i have ever seen,” he says, eyes glazing over with admiration. he stares at his own reflection in the mirror and says, “yeah, i still got swag fuk da haterz.” then he walks out, shoveling a wad of 100 dollar bills into his pocket.

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